photos galleries / galeries de photos

sunsets, landscapes, towns,
and ... [Maransin/AEM] (by j@mes)

Oxford and Costwolds
(by j@mes)

(by j@mes)

INSOLITE and other exhibitions
by Sylvia Devers

jazz concerts
by Chantal Chauveau

our cats
maine coon, egyptian mau, ...

nice old or new cars
(family, friends, others)

old cars, tractors, ...
33 Gironde "les Peintures"

Morgan cars
factory in UK

j@mes' yellow New Beetle
nice, isn't it ?

French Alpes
(by Pierre Bourgeois)

from pig to ... saussages
(by j@mes)

from photos to paintings
(j@mes : by software filters)

basics with a digital camera

some tricks with a digital camera

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