Ms. BELLECOTE was born in Munich in 1940 and lived there with her family for twenty years. In 1961 she moved to Paris, France to marry Paul Fitoussi. Ms.BELLECOTE now lives with her family in a lovely unspoiled suburb near Versailles.

It was in Tunesia, where Ms. BELLECOTE lived for a year, that she discovered her passion for painting. The intensity of the light of the sun enligthened her creativity and since then she has continued to capture her imagination on canvas.

The early years of Ms. BELLECOTE'S career are known as her "période des fleurs", (the flower period). Following this period, the artist concentrated on a succession of "natures mortes". (still lives). It was during this time that Ms.BELLECOTE refined the warm, vibrant, interplay of colors which is typical of her style.

The artist's travels, both in South America and Asia also influenced her paintings. Her ability to capture the flavor of the countryside and its people has met with much success.

Today the appeal of her paintings remains in her talent for creating vivid, glowing canvases, alive with color. Her catalogue of paintings include several oriental canvasses which have been strongly influenced by her impressionist style. It is very rare, even today, that one can find the impressionist style in oriental paintings.

Ms.BELLECOTE'S passion for life expresses itself through her paintings. The beauty of her canvases leaves her audience with a sense of SERENITY AND JOY.